Actor Gerald Langiri loses 20kgs for a role that was later cancelled.

It is often said that life is about change, sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s beautiful, but most of the time it’s both. Award winning Kenyan actor Gerald Langiri knows all too well that it can be both after a life changing experience that started over 8 months ago.

As the story goes, Langiri was approached by a producer 8 months ago for a huge role that was going to be his big break as a thespian.

“So approximately 8 months ago, a producer approached me and told me he had a major role for me in a project to kick off in late 2016..You know those life changing roles. That big break every artist eagerly waits for. We discussed terms and conditions and even figures and yes, it was life changing indeed. I got so excited and I was like “let’s do this”,” said Langiri.

However, the producers of what was going to open major doors for the ‘House of Lungula’ actor had one condition for him: he had to lose weight.

As any artist with a life changing opportunity would do, Langiri had all the motivation he needed and thus began his weight loss journey.

“They only had one condition: I need to shed off a bit of weight! It was a life changing role so of course I was motivated to do so. Thus began my ‪weight loss‬ journey with a mission and a goal,” he narrated.

In a couple of months, the ‘Fundimentals’ actor lost a whooping 20 kgs, from 109 kgs to 89kgs. He was now ready and upbeat to take on the world and possibly make it big like Lupita, when life threw him a crushing curveball: the project had been cancelled.

“Then the call came through a month ago that the project was cancelled and that one of the major sponsors has pulled out. ..IKR..after all that work? Damn it!,” he lamented.

However, amidst the disappointment of missing out on that life changing role, Langiri’s life has never been the same again.

He started eating right and exercising regularly and his rising blood pressure has stabilised since.

“But then I saw myself in a mirror and liked what I saw…I was like damn it. Not bad..not bad!. And thus began my healthy living‬ journey. Eating Right. Exercising regularly etc etc.,” he said.

“I may have not gotten that life changing role i was promised but it’s been a life changing experience. My BP that was rising has stabilized. My asthma has become better.

“Katumbo ndio kamebaki kuingia ndani sasa lol,” he concluded.

Check out his amazing transformation below:

Gerald Langiri loses 20kgs



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