All the episodes of the web talk show “In the forest with Gerald Langiri”

Gerald Langiri hosts a funny comedy Talk Show titled “In the Forest” that features celebrity interviews. This is a raunchy talk show from hell, hosted in a way only Gerald Langiri can. There is no simple way of describing this web series – right from the opening sequence where we are confronted by shots of budding actor Gerald Langiri apparently taking a dump behind a bush, it becomes obvious that this is no ordinary talk show. What happens is that every week or so, the guys at Historia Films let Gerald interview a local celebrity in some of  the most bizarre manners. Gerald does not take this rare privilege for granted and goes all out to ensure his ‘victims’ go through a strange experience. He is willing to pull all manner of stunts from asking uncomfortable personal questions to walking out mid-interview. So far, his shenanigans have earned him a slap and more are on the way for sure.

Watch the all the episodes below:

Episode 1: In the forest with Lizz Njagah

Episode 2: In the forest with Gitau Ngogoyo

Episode 3: In the forest with Nice Githinji

Episode 4: In the forest with Alexandros Konstantaras

Episode 5: In the forest with Helena Waithera

Episode 6: In the forest with Janet Kirina

Episode 7: In the forest with Ojiambo Ainea


Episode 8: In the forest with Lenana Kariba

Episode 9: In the forest with Sheila Kwamboka

Episode 10: In the forest with Mugambi Nthiga

Episode 11: In the forest with Beatrice Ndung’u

Episode 12: In the forest with Florence Nduta

Episode 13: In the forest with Brenda Wairimu


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