Gerald Langiri in new film “Blind Fame” and back on set shooting “Stay” Season 2

Blind Fame

Can your world change once you become famous? Can fame change who you are?

Blind Fame, an Africa Magic Original Film produced by Historia Films, tells the story of an ordinary average man named (Martin Nyakabete played by Gerald Langiri) who decides to get away from the busy hustle and bustle of the big city and goes for holiday to a resort in Machakos. Coincidentaly, a famous DJ who is also called Martin Nyakabete or Dj Marto by his fans is also staying at the same hotel. Dj Marto however is majorly known from radio and no knows how he exactly looks like.

On introducing himself as Martin Nyakabete at the reception, the ordinary average Martin is confused for being the famous Dj and the once ordinary man’s life, looking for a quiet getaway changes completely in this hilarious comedy.

Catch the film which stars Gerald Langiri, Neville Misati, Kevin Omondi. Raymond Ofula, Pierra Mckena, Helena Waithera, Shirleen Wangari, Sharon Kachela on Maisha Magic channel 161 on #DSTV

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You may all remember the series that gave Gerald Langiri the award for Best supporting actor in a TV series titled “stay” in 2014. The 13 episode series that aired on KTN in between Dec 2013 to Feb 2014, right? Well they are currently back on set shooting the second season that promises to be even better. With added cast like the once president aspirant Kingwa Kamencu, actress and musician Kaz and Radio queen Adelle Onyango, while maintaining the old cast of Mkamzee Mwatela as Nubia Jason Corder as Shane Gerald Langiri as Nico Carol Dunlop as Phillipa de Rottweiler Joed Ngaruiya as Kwame Kwame Nyong’o as Max, Stay season 2 definitely looks like something to look out for.

New story themes, new set, new location be sure to look out for it. News of where season 2 will air is not yet disclosed but like the facebook page Stay Kenyan TV series for updates.


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