Video: Is this Gerald Langiri’s best performance yet in #HappyAnniversaryFilm

#HappyAnniversaryFilm was one of the trending topics on twitter (on 23rd June 2016)  with all sorts of comments accompanying it but with good reason. A short film titled “Happy Anniversary” had been released that took people by surprise.

With a befitting yet twisted title, a man decides to surprise his wife on their wedding anniversary. With his wedding vows in hand, he recites them in tears to his wife who is lying almost lifeless on their matrimonial bed.  Not quite the Happy Anniversary one would have thought it to be. The pain, the agony and emotions that you will encounter in this film is probably the reason why it will be the best 3minutes you’ll spend online today.
Award winning actor Gerald Langiri gives (arguably) his best performance yet as he embodies a character and state that many have not seen him in. With him always being associated with extremely well composed serious characters or the funny humorous guy when playing comical roles, many did not expect this kind of performance from him clearly showing his acting range. So different and challenging but if the reviews are anything to go by, he definitely nailed it.
Co-starring with the amazing Mumi Maina and Claude Judah, Happy Anniversary is surely a short film that will make you yearn for more.
Produced by Kibanda Pictures and Directed by the award winning director Martin Githinji, watch this amazing short film below:


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