Our day with Gerald Langiri – actor/blogger

Biggest misconception people have about you?

People, for some strange reason assume that I am

a serious person, others that I have maringo or attitude. Maybe I have a serious face or something, but I am an easy going guy. The only thing is I do not entertain anything and everything!

Best mistake you ever made?

When I quit my IT job back in 2012 to get into acting. I knew that if I wanted to succeed in the industry, it had to be all or nothing.

Best love of your life?

That would have to be food. I particularly love pilau. I grew up in Mombasa and so I can spot a fake pilau from the real one.

Highest moment of your career?

This year when I won a Kalasha Awards for Best Supporting Actor for my role in the TV series Stay.

Best way to relax?

I love to stay indoors and watch movies or series. Also, once in a while I go out with friends. But back in the day, I was quite the party animal. I would go out all the time and drink a lot. It got to a point where I saw myself going down the wrong path and I guess you could say that I grew up.

The one thing that will surprise most people about you?

I do not drink. Someone in my family was an alcoholic and I promised myself that I would never go that route. So, when I saw myself going down that path in my younger years, I decided to stop drinking. I have been sober for four or five years.

Your biggest addiction?

I am addicted to colour red. My wardrobe is full of different red outfits. The décor theme in my home is red. I cannot help it!

Best day of your life so far?

When I surprised my fiancé, Lynn Jumba with a ring and asked her to marry me during the official launch of the film House of Lungula at The Junction last year in October. The movie had just ended and had received a standing ovation, and I got up and walked to the podium and asked Lynn Jumba in front of everyone to marry me. She said yes (laughs).

Your most annoying habit?

I am a perfectionist in everything I do, even in keeping time. And it gets on my nerves when you correct someone and they continue to do the same thing over and over.

Your best physical feature?

I am told that I am handsome.

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