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Gerald Langiri is back with yet another hilarious web series #ShitHappens

After the success of the web series “In The forest” back in 2013/2014, award winning Kenyan actor Gerald Langiri is back with yet another edgy but hilarious web series called “Shit Happens”

Described as a shitty web series that takes you through the life of one man whose life goes through…well…shit, “Shit happens” is a hilarious web series which will leave you looking forward to the next episode.

Collaboration between Life Dream Production and A Pembe tatu Film, the web series is also produced and directed by Gerald Langiri who also acts as the protagonist.

The 1st webisode (or shitisode as they call it) is titled official shit and we see G at work minding his own business until one of work mate sends him a very not suitable youtube video. While G is watching and visibly enjoying this, the office snitch (there is always one) catches him in the act and reports G to the CEO. A lot of misfortunes and misunderstandings follow G until he finally gets fired. Is it a case of mistaken identity or none the wiser? You be the judge.

The script was written by Maina Mundi who is also the editor. Maina wrote the script in 2012 but had never had it produced. He approached Gerald Langiri who he already had in mind to play the protagonist. Upon receiving the script, Gerald is said to have laughed so hard and immediately wanted to work on it. Gerald however saw that this could be developed to something bigger than just a standalone short film and decided to turn it into a web series instead.

The guys behind the web series have vowed to produce and episode every month and hope people will enjoy watch it as much as they enjoy shooting this. Welcome to the alternative TV where some of the things on the show cannot be dared to be seen on Kenyan TV.

Follow this link to watch “Shit Happens shitisode 1- official shit” >> https://youtu.be/jjl4L3UktjE

or Click here to watch the full season

Shitisode 1 credits:

Starring: Gerald Langiri, Julian Omariba, Celestine Musyoki, Kenny “Mufasa” Bahati, Idah Galgalo, Cecilia Musyoki

Produced and Directed by: Gerald Langiri | Written and Edited by: Maina Mundi | D.O.P: Francis Ngugi
Camera Operator: Amos Mwaki |Runtime: 5min: 55sec | Production Company: Life dream Production and Pembe Tatu Films

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